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Make 6 Figure in your City as a Hairstylist Course

Hey, I'm teaching you the hair industry secrets to being a six-figure hairstylist in your city. This is a 25 min Recorded course valued at $2,000.


What you’ll learn:

Ways to double your income

How to be booked with free time for yourself or your family

Service and Product Pricing

6 & up system

How to balance a hairstylist life

1 Hour Consultation Call



I wanted to help hairstylists recover from burnout and losing passion in the industry. So, I decided to help by showing them how to double their income and take back their time.


I wanted to be a Guide in planning the business structure, so the Make Six Figures Course is very detailed and outlines a successful blueprint, structure, strategies, and systems for your business rebrand or changes.


Explore all the ideas inside to find the right choice for you to grow your business. The more ideas you have, the more creative you can get. Are you ready to get started?

Make 6 Figure in your City as a Hairstylist Course



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