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Hairstylist Coaching Services 

Hairstylist Coach Touched by Mya

Let's double your income and take ownership of your time.

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and overworked seeing everyone else’s success stories and wondering when yours will start? I help Hairstylists and beauty entrepreneurs make six figures and take back their time. My proven system has allowed me to move to a new city, build my fourth clientele, and make over six figures in business while upgrading my life.

With the 6 & Up System, you’ll be

  • Clear and purpose-driven on your services and offers

  • Booked with free time for yourself, or your family

  • Taking action and aligning with six figures 

  • Balanced at work and home

Providing Everything You Need to Unleash Your Potential: Exclusive VIP Day for Hairstylists in their City - Master the Secrets of a Six-Figure Income

Introducing the exclusive 'Make Six Figures in Your City VIP Day,' an event designed solely for ambitious hairstylists like you who are ready to unlock their potential and double their earnings.

  What you'll learn:


Maximize Earnings: Discover the secret techniques top hairstylists use to multiply their income without multiplying their workload.

Enhance Clientele: Learn how to attract high-end clients and keep them coming back, improving the profitability of your business.

Boost Efficiency: Implement time-saving hacks and strategies to optimize your schedule, enabling you to serve more clients without burnout.

Market Smartly: Decode the power of social media and digital marketing to expand your client base beyond the confines of your city.

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Your Path to a Six-Figure Income


This one-day​ event is more than just an investment in your business. It's an investment in yourself and your dreams.


Our VIP Day is your golden ticket if you're committed to growing your hairstyling career and taking your time .


Hurry, spots are limited.

4 Extra Private 1-on-1 Coaching Calls (1 Full Month)

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